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Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a nontraditional form of tutoring that focuses on collaboration, group study and peer interaction outside of the classroom. Its purpose is to assist students taking “traditionally difficult” courses.

SI Sessions

SI sessions are facilitated by academically successful students known as SI leaders. These individuals have previously excelled in the course and have received training on guiding collaborative group study sessions. SI leaders attend all of the assigned lectures, take thorough notes, and participate as a traditional student within the course.  SI leaders plan and use a variety of teaching and learning methods within  an additional 50-minute session each week, to help students with study skills and course subject matter.


SI courses can benefit your college experience, especially if you’re a new student!

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Supplemental Instruction isn’t what you think.

We’ve modified the program at DSU and it makes active teaching easier than ever!

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DSU Tutoring

SI is a student resource under Learning Services. This division is also includes the Academic Performance Center and Writing Center.


Yes they do. The content taught in SI courses are the EXACT same as traditional DSU courses. The only difference is the extra active learning component.

To register for an SI course, it is the same process as traditional registration. Visit my.dixie.edu and search for classes that include”Supplemental Instruction” as the instruction type.

Anyone is welcome to register for an SI course. The courses we currently offer are lower division but we are working to expand our selection.