Supplemental Instruction (SI)


You can find SI courses in registration just like traditional courses. Search for a class below and you will see “Supplemental Instruction” listed under the attribute category on the right.

Spring 2020 SI Courses


Class Time

SI Time

Biology 1010-11MWF 11-11:50Tues 11-11:50
Biology 1010-12MWF 11-11:50Thurs 11-11:50
Biology 1610-04T/Th 1:15-2:55W 2-2:50
Biology 2320-05MWF 1-1:50M 2-2:50
Biology 2320-06MWF 1-1:50W 2-2:50
History 1700-03MWF 9-9:50M 12-12:50
English 1010-19T/Th 2:30-3:45W 2-2:50
English 2010-12T/TH 9-10:15Tues 12-12:50
English 2010-18T/TH 10:30-11:45Thurs 12-12:50
Geology 1010-03MWF 10-10:50Tues 10-10:50
Geograph 1000-02MWF 11-11:50Thur 11-11:50
Math 1040-52Tues 6:40-8:45Thur 6:40-7:30
Math 1050-07
Psychology 1010-01MWF 9-9:50Tues 9-9:50
Psychology 1010-01MWF 9-9:50Thur 9-9:50